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Hey everybody,

Some time ago I was reading one of the Planets (I'm not sure which one, maybe Ubuntu) and someone posted a link to

a yahoo pipe that was made up of a bunch of Open Source Planets. This meshed somewhat with something that I had

been thinking about for a while. I had been wanting to find a way to bring a bunch of disparate resources together for

a unified search. What I mean is, a way to search alt.os.linux.mandriva, os.linux.mandrake, mandirva users.org, Planet

Mandriva, Mandriva Security and any other Mandriva resource that I could find with only one search.

It has always seemed like such a pain to go to a bunch of different sources and do seperate searches for each source

when I need info. Sometimes you really have to dig to find the answers that you want.

Anyway, I finally got around to editing the pipe to include some of the sources that I have collected over the last few years,

here's the link. I would appreciate any suggestions or improvements, thank you.





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