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Repeating Characters on Toshiba 1400 Satelliite

Guest Kiet

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I receenttly instaalled Mandrake 9.0 on myy tooshiba 1400 Satellite laptop aand everything went ffinne except for:


1. Tthe instaall didnn't detect the corrrect drivers for the built in ethernet carrd - however I manuallyy changed thiis to thee Inntel e100 driver aand now its woorking finne.


2. The keyboard as you ccan see hass a probleem with repeating characters. Its not my typing :D . This happens whether the auto-repeat oppttion is enabledd or not. I've tried to modify the keybooard settinggss in the X86Config-4 file to:


Section "InputDevice"

Identifier "Keyboard1"

Driver "Keyboard"

Option "AutoRepeat" "800 5"

Option "XkbModel" "pc105"

Option "XkbLayout" "us"

Option "XkbOptions" ""



Unfortunately tthis has chaangged the auto-rrepeat settings but tthe repeatingg character probllemms keep oon happeening.


I wouldd bee sso grratefful for aany ppointeers on how to solve tthis. It makkees my laaptop pretty mucchh useless for anythingg prodductivve.


Soorrry for the annoying repeating characters :oops: .

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I do not have a fix for your problem, but here's a link to similar problem where the temporary solution is to turn off key repeat




Also, if you boot into linux with no GUI, do you have the same problem? If you open a console and type init=3, it shoudl close down the gui. it will be back on a reboot or you can type startx.

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Yeah trriedd to ttyping with tthe tterminal anndd the repeat problem also ooccuurs there exceptt it appears the problem is not quite so bbad (perhaps its my imagination).


I tried setterm - repeaat off, bbut thiss didn't seeem to have any effect.


Any otther ideas??


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