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Install wireless network card on Mandriva

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Guest Irick

i'm having a similar problem, i have the drivers installed, i've set ndiswrapper's alias with -m, i've done everything with ndiswrapper i can, but in the GUI when i try to set up my card, not only does the card only sometimes appear under the network interface setup, i get an error dialog "Unable to find ndiswrapper interface!"


also, iwconfig only has lo and eth0 in its output.

and no wired network connection on the machine i'm running Mandriva on.

and apparently no c compiler installed.



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Guest ounas
from the other site try this

If yours does not list a device present, then you may need to explicitly instruct it to use the driver using this command:


ndiswrapper -a devid mrv8335


Replace "devid" with the PCI ID or the USB ID of your card, in the form XXXX:XXXX. To get those numbers, run the command lspci -n (for PCI cards)


we nee to find the full dev id of your card.

lspic -nn


the nn gives the number and name.


then type the command replacing the devid...


ndiswrapper -a devid mrv8335

modprobe ndiswrapper



Thanks it now works, will boot and test again

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Guest ounas

Yes it work's will keep my older network in box for a while.

Old card was a tp-link, new card d-link dwa-547


happy user :D

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