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Mondo question

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Hi folks, I've got a Mondo question. I've created a bash file under '/usr/local/sbin' called 'mondo.complete', which backs up my entire system using mondoarchive when I run it. Here it is:





echo "Mondoing Complete System"


mount /dev/hdb5 /archive/backups


mondoarchive -OV -p complete.backup -i -s 80g -I / -E /archive/backups -N -d /archive/backups/mondo/complete -9 -F -G -S /archive/backups/mondo/scratch -T /archive/backups/mondo/temp


umount /dev/hdb5



My question is this: I want the prefix ( -p complete.backup) to recognise the date of when it's created. I.e., when I run this command it would save the iso as /archive/backups/mondo/complete/complete_19-1-08_1.iso

Currently when I run this command it overwrites the current iso, or I need to edit this bash script to put the correct date in (tedious). Anyone got any hints on this? Have found setting the diff option is the same problem. Thanks!





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Hey folks, just a bump. Anyone got any guesses? If you're not familiar with how Mondo works, how would I do the same thing from the commandline? Any simple commands to add date/time etc to a file when it's created? Thanks.

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