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Toronto & Chipset Intel GM965 (Santa Rosa)

Guest Kangoo_le_foo

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Guest Kangoo_le_foo



I am a totally newbie in using Linux. I am very very happy with using MCNLive Toronto on a 4Gb USB and a laptop Dell D620.


I received recently a new Dell D630 laptop which includes the new Intel Mobile Platform Santa Rosa : GM965 with the GMA X3100. Unfortunately, Toronto/MDV 2007.1 appears not to include the latest Intel drivers for that platform. As a result, with the generic vesa driver, I don't manage to get a better screen resolution thant 1024x768 despite the fact that the panel can display in 1280x800.


As I read that Chris needs at the very least a big break (Thank you so much, Chris, for the tremendous work on MCNLive :D ) so that the next MCNLive based on MDV 2008 won't be released before a while, I am looking for an easy way to add the latest Intel drivers for Santa Rosa to my Toronto.


Can anybody help on that ?


Happy new year



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