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New version based on MDV 2008?

Guest indianseason

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Guest indianseason

Hi Chris.


So mandriva have released the 2008.0 version. And it sure looks a winner. Is it too much to expect a quick release of the next mcnlive also??


I really use two aspects of mcnlive:


1. boot from usb flash drive

2. persistent loop


Is it possible to download the mklivecd and associated packages from some repo and try this for myself?


Thanks once again for Toronto. It is really a lifesaver.

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The mklivecd versions don't work for 2008. They need a major rework.


I'll start with 2008 this weekend with the first tests. Don't know yet how long it will take to have a first test version.

Please keep in mind that MCNLive is a community edition of a small group of volunteers.

We try to do our best, but we have a normal life :D


PS: Sure, you can do your own MCNLive. Use the mklivecd scripts from MCNLive Toronto, and make them work on 2008. :P

Sorry, that was lame, I know.

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Guest indianseason

I am willing to experiment!!


Which repository do I need to add to get the mklivecd scripts?


PS: I am definitely not a developer, but I have an engineering degree and can make my way around a linux install (been a linux user since slackware with kernel version 1.2, and mandrake user since around version 8). How can I help in development of mcnlive? Do you have an intro to dev page?

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There is no rpm of the mklivecds scripts. You would need to do it all manually:




Steps. Install 2008. Add the contrib and main sources. And follow the steps given in the link.


If you are able to build an iso, it won't even boot. The kernel changed, we have now IDE as modules. And we need to adapt the scripts to preload these modules and put them into the initrd.

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I would like to help if at all possible. I am not a developer and i am not very good with linux but i am learning. I installed 2008 set it up with a defualt powerpack install (bunch of extra crap i dont care for) and then followed the instructions over at https://mandrivausers.org/index.php?showtopic=42429


as you said chris:b i did manage to make an image but i dont think it was created corectly. my istall is 2.4GB and the live.sqfs image is only slightly more than 400MB. after burning the disc i got the error message that the IDE couldnt be found and it hung. so i tried it again. I reinstalled the system same setting, and again the installed system uses about 2.4GB. this time i copied all of the files in the instructions over at https://mandrivausers.org/index.php?showtopic=42429 with the exception of one step.


I did not copy /usr/sbin/hwdetect from toronto over to my system, instead i left the file as it was. i got a few error messages during the image build and it stopped during the build around 44% because its missing a file someplace in the config. but then it continues to make the iso image. The NEW iso image is 893MB. its getting closer i know but still a far cry from working.


upon booting of the new image (i know it was a waste of time but i did it anyways) i get a different error message, LOADING BASIC CDROM MODULES FOR KERNEL 2.6 [FAILED], then it loads USB and SCSI and then says NO IDE CHANNELS FOUND and then it says CDROMS FOUND [OK] then it errors out on finding the loop image (probably because its on IDE cdrom) and drops me to limited shell.


i do not know if you got anywhere with this stuff chris:b i am hoping you did because i am getting nowhere pretty fast. i am hoping that this helps even though i seriously doubt its useful.


i will be keeping up on this forum more now with the release of 2008.


keep up the good work.



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