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SquirrelMail + autoresponder + qmail - how to?


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Situation: SquirrelMail, qmail mailserver. I want to install autoresponder plug-in for Squirrel.


Squirrel is configured to use MySQL, it sais all configs are OK. Squirrel works perfectly.

Qmail is installed whit basic setup from "Living with qmail" website.

IMAP, SMTP and POP3 are OK.


I tryed all autoresponder plugins for Squirrel none of them is working.


FTP connection to server is out of discussion due to security reasons.


MySQL and Apache are configured, and they work OK, there are other php/mysql applications running on this machine without any problem.


Basicly, I need some detailed documentation, exemples of configuration etc. I looked on the Internet but I found nothing usefull.


Please, if any of you managed to do this, tell me how, or where I can read about this. Thanks.

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