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Wiki page for MCNLive


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Guest Jeroen

Thank you Chris. I'll look after it!




EDIT: Editing of the Wiki page is not done, since it's locked. Thus the users will have to read on the forums about copy2ram ;)

Edited by Jeroen
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Jeroen: what do you mean by 'it is locked'?

AFAIK you can edit the wiki pages or add pages here on MUB, when you are logged in with your user name.


A copy2ram introduction would be great.

Edited by chris:b
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Ah, that's why. Thx, tyme.


I invited Jeroen to come here, he is a long time member of MCNL and interested in getting more involved.


Jeroen, let's talk here about the structure of the MCNLive wiki entry, and after 9 more posting you are non-spam proofed :D


I started only one wiki page, just copying over the Tips & Tricks for Delft and Toronto.

What we would need is an entry page, with basic info what mcnlive is, and then sub pages, with content.

It should fit into the MUB wiki structure.


I am not quite experienced with wikis.

Edited by chris:b
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