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problem with mcnlive.loop

Guest KM2cde34

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Guest KM2cde34



I use a 4G USBKEY, MCNlive on 1GB and mcnlive.loop on 500 MB. All work very well but now, how can increase the size of mcnlive.loop ? it is full ! 500MB is too little.



Thank for your excellent job ! ;)



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So far we have no script to resize the mcnlive.loop file, and we have not done any tests, though it should be possible, without loosing the data.


If you would like to keep your current changes I would like to propose a work around. Start with livecd persist and run the 'Remaster simple' wizard. This will create an iso on a chosen HD partition which all changes, and can be your new base system.


Burn it to CD and test it. Install it to usb.


On the stick delete the mcnlive.loop file (if it is not in use, thus not started with livecd persist).

And create a new one.


If you love adventures and trying out new things, in theory the steps for resizing are something like this:


First, make sure that the image file is not already mounted and is not running. The following commands increase an image file to 1 GB. Backup the image before attempting this.

dd if=/dev/zero of=<image file> bs=1M conv=notrunc count=1 seek=1000

losetup /dev/loop0 <image file>

e2fsck -f /dev/loop0

resize2fs /dev/loop0

e2fsck -f /dev/loop0

losetup -d /dev/loop0


You may then boot or mount the image to confirm the increased size. The e2fsck checks in this howto are not strictly necessary.


How do I move the contents of an img file to a regular partition?


Mount the img file using the above howto. Assuming the destination partition is mounted at /mnt/dest, execute the following:

cp -a /mnt/loop/* /mnt/dest/


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What I forgot...


At any time you can make a backup of the mcnlive.loop, just start without the persist code and copy the mcnlive.loop file to your hard disk or burn it on a CD-RW. The content is not affected.


Also, when you make a remaster, the result will be much smaller than the base system & 500 MB, it will be orig. basesystem & 35% of 500 MB.

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Guest JP White

Bingo I increased my loop file from 1GB to 2GB!!


I found the script you detailed to be accurate except that loop0 is in use if you boot into a non-persistent mode on the same USB drive.


I substituted loop1 wherever you indicated loop0 and it worked fine. (I also substituted 2000 for the seek option to get to 2GB).


Interestingly the mcnlive.loop file had a number of errors that were fixed using the e2fsck procedure. I have yet to verify if the dd command introduced the errors or if they were there already.


Thanks for this tip. Saved me having to rebuild my loop file from scratch, or go through the process of re mastering (No Thanks).



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