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Firefox not running [solved]

Guest styleruk

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Guest styleruk



I can't seem to get firefox to run from the start bar any more. I tried upgrading to 2.0, nothing. Then I tried updating Mandriva and still nothing. My curser turns into the bouncing firefox logo for a while, then stops and nothing happens.

Can someone guide me into giving the right information to find out what is wrong here, or even better, let me know how to solve it.



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Got the same problem (from time to time), never managed to understand why

or to find when the problem was triggered

Can you start from a command-line terminal by typing



If you really want to help with that you need to give

- kernel version

- mandy version

- which windows maanger kde?

- amount of memory


any rules you can find out about when problem happens


I have no solution (use command line or click again, or install a new icone & link)

I installed firefox from the tar.gz in another directory so I have 2 firefox binaries (and icones)

I cannot tell you if any one link is more buggy at start

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Two small things you can try.


When I have encountered similar problem, I have found that either or both have fixed the problem which usually occurred after updating, if it did occur.


1. Delete the Firefox icon on the panel (what you are calling the start bar) and then reinstall it on the panel by right clicking on the panel and select Add application to the Panel ....select Internet........Web Browsers ....then Firefox.


2. Open konqueror, select.... View...... then...... Show hidden folders. Look for .Mozilla and delete it. You will need to redo your settings when you reopen Firefox.


Hope it helps. John.

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So I run into this problem a lot. Go to your .mozilla/firefox directory. Look for two files








If only one is present delete it, otherwise delete them both. Now try restarting it. This also works for Thunderbird. This happens a lot to me regardless of how I treat Firefox.


Good luck,



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Guest styleruk

Aussiejon, That did the trick. I deleted the icon from the panel (yes sorry...panel!), then deleted all of .mozilla. Job done....for now.




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