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Release: MCNLive "Toronto"


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Hi all,


Awaiting the summer season (without computers and software) I am glad to announce MCNLive, code name "Toronto".


What's the difference to "Delft": VirtualBox OSE, KOffice Suite, Gimp, Gthumb, Gxine, Gftp, Bluefish, Quanta, kaudiocreator, Kopete, kdebluetooth-pin, bunch of networking tools and printer packages added. English only edition. Improved isolinux bootsplash, with keyboard navigation to select a boot option, different wallpapers, fixed (non-critical) error messages when shutting down the system in livecd persist mode.



Download Toronto here: ftp://ftp.nluug.nl/pub/os/Linux/distr/man...cnlive/Toronto/


Release notes, md5sum and a list of installed packages available on the same mirror.



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Hi Ya'll ...

Started this post yesterday whilst downloading Toronto - Delft was very cool except it ''lost'' my wifi - again!! Then I also lost this post - again!!

IPW2200 appears to be somewhat of a bugaboo with this whole MANDRIVA based distro group. Now maybe I am the MORON - wait for it - hey Paris!! - but for say 12/18 months I have been going thru these wifi pushups!! Now you see me, now you dont. Please tell me [and 100/1000's others] how to fix this problem - once and for all - without another exercise in ++C/Unix/VB/Java programming. You see most of us simply want to get on with our lives without this continuous wipeout scenario. We love the messing around with things new & different, but at the end of the day we still need to check-in at the salt mine!!

Every Mandriva-based distro I have used has had wifi probs ... if wifi is a real problem then lets say so - up-front. Every notebook/laptop/smartfone/etc has wifi or can accept suitable card. Its like Color - a must have.


Please post it loud & clear & big - a known working solution to this problem - for all to see !!


BTW - loaded Delft onto a very tiny Vaio C1 Crusoe Picturebook - works like a charm - best OS that puppy has every seen.

I just loaded PCLOS 2007 on another Vaio notebook - sans wifi - again - this time right out of the box !! Like Man 2006/One/NonFree/Beer/Live/etc/et al ... all were wifi cripples despite rebuilding the kernel or eating same [C] .. Occasionally there is a glimmer, but on reboot it inevitably goes away .. Try ICS for a real exercise in futility ... enough to drive one to drink - even French wine!!

The short/small distro is good - smaller even better - [Opera is not good] - nobody in their right mind is going to wait for 3/4 Gig to download only to go thru md5 hell, then to find that the DVD is junk or CD #3 is trash, or that NONE of it works as advertised..... 300/400M is great !!

Many places in the US & Asia there are NO ethernet hubs anymore - so its wifi or toast.

Thanks for listening ... BR>Pete


PS All this works AOK under [sorry guys] MSW2K/XP -- fans, wifi, eth0, volume, brightness, smart-buttons, etc, et al

Please can the rhetoric guys, you demean all the good work that Tex/Anna/Chris/Ripper/Sundry are doing.

If you have nothing good to say then STFU. It painful to listen to the MS lobby pan everything Linux.

Clearly we need good solutions - why is it that the lowly Mac is in ascendancy?? Many are simply Grudge-buys.

My fan on a big Vaio Picturebook always runs at say 50/60% ??? Not hot, just runs a lot harder than under MS??

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Pete, I also have ipw2200 and it works very good on my hardware. I don't know what your problem is.

We tried to do our best. If that is not enough -for your hardware- I would like to kindly ask you to use whatever works for you.


Getting angry at Mandriva or other distros won't help.


Oh, and it is not Paris here.



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Hi Anna .. tnx for swift response ... believe me I am NOT angry at anyone - I also know you are not Paris - she had some very harsh words several times a while back & was censored for same - I was simply jesting as I know she reads [monitors?] everything that is broadcast.

Agian let me stress that I am a solutions guy - the various posts are full of the same issues, across the wifi spectrum, so please accept my humblest apologies for any social infarction on my part. It was not in anger or to intimidate - merely a cry for help.

Perhaps you would be so kind as to post the various ''outputs'' so that we may all benefit from your esteemed knowledge & good fortune.

Remember a lot of us are dummies/morons/cretins ... we all need help.

Thank you & good luck


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Hi Pete :-)


when you are interested we can try to debug your problem, without any "exercise in ++C/Unix/VB/Java programming", I promise. :D


I need to go working now, will be back when it is evening in Europe.


May I ask to open a new topic here: https://mandrivausers.org/index.php?showforum=54


And just describe as good as you can what happens and when etc when your wifi connection fails. Also, which settings, which kind of Access point.


See ya later.

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