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Kmail address book not opening

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Just updated to MDV One spring 2007. One problem i'm having is the address book in kmail will not open. I click on it in menu and nothing happens. Anybody have any ideas on why this is happening. I googled and visited kontact web site but didnt see anything there pertaining to this problem.any help appreciated


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I noticed I have the same problem. If I click on the link it does not open but works if I run it manually (kaddressbook). Did you manage to solve the problem?


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Since the install, have you downloaded and installed ALL available updates ???.

If not then do so, because the problem may already have been fixed.


After ANY fresh install you should always also all the latest updates as a matter of routine because many many months have passed since the OSs release and bug fixes are occurring all the time.


Do that and see how you go.



Cheers. John.

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