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ADSL internet connection

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Hi everyone,


Firstly (somewhat OT), very belated thanks to Gowator for his suggestion in this post - I am now able to use Linux without any fiddling around with keyboard or BIOS settings at all, just by changing to a keyboard that is not a hub itself.


Now to the main part of the problem. It seems to have been solved, but I'm still a little worried/curious. I have an internet connection through NTT (Japan). It's a PPPOE connection, connecting to my Buffalo (Melco) LGY-OCI-TL LAN Board through an NTT-supplied ADSL Modem (MS5-SPLR). I set the connection up in MCC as a PPPOE connection, and can connect to the internet without any trouble (the connection is established during startup). However, after about 25-30 minutes, the connection would died for some reason. The connection was still shown in the system tray as being up, but I could not use the internet in Firefox and urpmi could not connect to RPM servers.


I found this post and added the line ianw1974 suggested to /etc/modprobe.conf. This did not solve the problem. Also, /etc/resolv.conf contains two entries when the connection is up, but only one when it goes down, and the entry that's there when the connection's down is different from both the entries that are there when it's up. Following arctic's advice, I locked /etc/resolv.conf, which seems to have fixed the problem (I'm now up to 46 minutes connected, which is a record).


I have a couple of questions to do with this. Firstly, should I take the line out of /etc/modprobe.conf again? Secondly, even though the problem is apprently solved, could there be something else that doesn't work that I just haven't come up against yet?


Thanks for your attention.



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