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Burning Cd's


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I've tried using both XCDRoast and ERoaster for burning cd's and while they'll play just fine on the computers (I have two, one with Linux and the other with Windoze for my daughter) they won't play on regular CD players. I'm using Memorex Music CD-R's so I don't see that the CDs themselves should be a problem. I've also tried using another brand btw. Anybody else ever encounter this or have any ideas?

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Actually now that I checked I did change brands. Duh! I never thought about that cause I didn't think it would make a difference especially since I've been using a good brand that's specifically for music. Guess I'll have to buy the old brands and see if I have the same problems. Thanks for the suggestion and the help!!

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Using special 'music' cd-r's on your computer is a waste of money, normally they charge some extra sum (in most European countries something like 1 euro, or 0.50cts) just for the heck of it for these cd's.


Just use computer cd-r's and try a bit. Check if you can which manufacturer it is, avoid Ritek is all I know (all else people don't seem to agree on, but this,.. check any cdr forum...), and stick to (for instance) Tayo Yuden.


Most linux burnprograms will tell you the manufacturer, just keep an eye on the lines that flash by.


BTW, the brand is a whole different thing, I have a batch of Sony's lying around that I know will play back in all cd players I have (including my discman), bought more of those once I found out how well they play everywhere, and they are from Tayo Yuden. So I went back and got more of those.


Expensive is not necessarily good, nor is cheap necessarily bad. Just be careful, and try some cheap ones,... if they play everywhere you need them to play, get a whole pile.


Oh yeah, I know that for instance Philips has some (mostly asian) batches of Premiums from Ritek, and some (in europe) from Tayo Yuden, with the exact same markings/type on the outside.... guess any other brand may have this too.

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