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Planescape Torment


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Im not sure whether this should go in this forum or not.


The problem is I bought Planescape Torment about a year ago but ive never really got into it. I decided to go on it recently in windows ive tried installing using Wine X but as like any game ive been unsuccesful. I went to install it but the installer crashes. I then tried copying the files to the harddisk and installing it from there. But one of the files wont copy the large 330MB data1 file. Ive looked on the CD and their is a scratch.


Ive tried CD clening and CD repairer Kits. Ive tried going to my local game and looking on the internet but after looking on the interplay website ive found that it is out of print.


So the point of this post is to see if anyone has the large Data1 file they could post on the internet or even better send on CD to me. Im not trying to pirate, i dont even want CD1 i just need that file.


Im sorry if this is not the right place to post it but i was hoping one of you guys might have a copy of the game. None of my friends have a copy.

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Guest JaseP

Planescape Torment is available in a Duel-jewel with another game for like $10 at Walmart or just about any other store...


To install Planescape Torment, you should copy your 2nd CD to a directory that you can access through winex. Start the installer as normal, and when it asks for the 2nd CD, refer it to the copied drive...


Also when running Planescape Torment, you have to set the blitting to software mode in the Planescape Torment INI file...


You should be using the latest build of WineX (I use the commericial version).

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Does anyone have a copy of planescape tournament. As i have tried everything i can on the CD, ive tried every games store in my area no one has a copy. I emailed interplay and i havent received any email from them. I just want to play on this game.

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