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Re-installing NoMachines NxClient [solved]


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I have been trying to get freenx to work with NoMachines nxclient for about a month, without any success. I have freenx installed on my Mandriva 2006 system. I have Ubuntu installed on an old laptop. I have the client installed on Ubuntu, however I can not get it to authenticate with any keys.


I did some reading, and decided to try to get the nxclient to connect locally first, using Over time I have installed and removed and reinstalled freenx on Mandriva using URPMI. I had installed nxclient-1.5.0-141.i386.rpm, and it launched without problems. Through my continued attempts to get this thing going, I deleted the directory for the client. Dumb I know. :wall:


I downloaded the client again, but I can not get it to install with the following command : rpm -ivh nxclient-1.5.0-141.i386.rpm It reports it is installed. If I try to uninstall it, rpm reports it is not installed. The client won't run, infact 'locate nxclient' only finds the rpm file.


Is there a way out of this box? As I understand it, there is a rpm database that keeps track of installed rpms. I guess I've messed it up.


Second question, is there a .mdk package for the nxclient? ( my guess is no, since NoMachine owns the code ).

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i believe the command to rebuild your rpm database is:

rpm --rebuilddb

give that a try


also, it is often better to use the urpmi command instead of rpm to install a package.

urpmi [filename].rpm


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Thank-you for the reply. That has cleared up th emess I made. I now have it re-installed. I did not know you could ude URPMI to install a .rpm file.



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