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Guest Bruce_Bremer

Block Move Error 0xAE

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Guest Bruce_Bremer

I am new to Linux, so please be merciful.


Here's some background info:


Platform: Compaq Presario PIII, 450 MHz w/14Gb hard drive

OS: Windows 2000 Professional and Mandriva Free 2006


Procedure: Took the old OS off the hard drive by using a Win98 boot disk with FDISK and eliminated all partitions. I then formatted the C: drive with FAT 32. Next, I loaded Windows 2000 Professional with no partitions, reformatting the entire disk with NTFS. After verifying proper operation of the Windows OS, I began installing Mandriva Free 2006, setting aside 7Gb of the 14 for Linux and selected Auto Allocate. After having the loading program copy all three CD's, I finished the Linux installation.


I then tested operation of the Linux OS by going to the KDS desktop and launching Firefox to ensure connectivity with the Internet. The OS tested SAT, and I was able to customize the wallpaper.


Next, I performed a controlled shut-down and selected windows at the boot menu. Windows launched normally and again I was able to access the Internet.


Problem: One day later, I attempted to startup and select Linux. The progress bar at the bottom of the screen halted almost immediately. Hitting the "Esc" key, a command line with the following was displayed below the selections available (linux, linux safe mode, windows): boot: linux. When I hit Return, the following error was displayed: "Block Move Error 0xAE". If I instead type "windows", the system will boot properly into the Windows OS. :wall:



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