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The Linux Diaries?


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Any readers of Linux Format (UK-based, don't know if it travels) magazine come across this gem in the current issue [LXF71]? Don't wanna spam the whole thing here (too lazy and legally questionable), but essentially it's a 'journal' - sent from the future - of the period 2006-2019 in the computing world and beyond.


I do not expect such crap-yourself-funny content in a tech mag, dammit! People around me thought I was dying (which was close to the truth, definitely choking hard on tears of merriment). Here's a couple of small snips:


January 20, 2009

Number of Linux distros: 802

Beagle version number:

Well, after his landslide victory last year, Bush is back for a third term as President of the USA.  This isn't too surprising given that his approval rating is at an all-time high following the US victory in Iran - putting Ann Coulter in as Grand Ayatollah seems to have won him much political capital.  More worrying is his choice of vice president: who would have thought Bill Gates cared about politics?  In other news, Google's Gmail has finally come out of beta testing.


February 20, 2012

Number of Linux distros: 1,490

Number of pages in Gnome Human Interface Guidelines: 1012

Linux-powered robots attempt to find out if androids really do dream of electric sheep.  Answer: no.  $500 billion well spent.


Other highlights include Microsoft buying SCO and releasing MicroSCOft Linux; IBM's CEO (Carly Fiorina!) selling the server division to Lenovo in 2010; Emacs reaching 2.0 milestone in 2013 (new feature: Vim keybindings as default)... I won't tell you how it ends but it is fricken PRICELESS.


/just me? :lol:

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