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Please read before posting

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If you have problems with a Distribution that is not Mandrake/Mandriva, then your topic belongs here. This forum section covers all Linux distributions (like Gentoo, Debian, SUSE, ...), BSD and also your Mac OSX problems (in case you have some and don't know where to post them).


Please post your Windows and Mac OS8.x/9.x related issues in the Talk-Talk forum.


If you start a post, please add the information which Distribution you are using in both the title (or topic descrition) and in the topic itself.


e.g. the topic title could look like this:

Mounting problems - SUSE

and the topic itself starts with:

Used system is SUSE 9.1 Professional


Giving such information will make it easier for forum members to help solving your problems. When posting a new topic, please do not forget to add the needed information on your hardware and mark the topic as [solved] once it is solved.


Thank you. :)

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