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Asynchronous IO on Mandriva

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To everyone looking for Async IO librarys on Mandriva Linux, provided by libaio, here is the rpm package with the latest version found on rpmfind.net.

I builded this on Mandriva LE2005, but probabaly works on any Linux.


This library is the devel library to async io on 2.6 kernels. It can be used, for example, with Oracle to access the filesystem asynchronous, what is a very nice thing.


It is easy to build from the source (unpack,make,make install), but the rpm is more easy. :D


Download the file from my server and do as root:

rpm -ivh libaio-0.3.104-1mdk.i586.rpm

rpm -ivh --nodeps libaio-devel-0.3.104-1mdk.i586.rpm


If you want to test the aio on you system, download the aio-stress test tool and do as root:

gcc -Wall -laio -lpthread -o aio-stress aio-stress.c


And run as root (It will play with a 300MB file using Async IO):

./aio-stress -s 300 -m -S -l -L -t 10 file1


















And go relink or recompile your application to use aio. B)

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