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font question


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I know that the order of the directories listed in /etc/X11/fs/config is important. XFS will go through /etc/X11/fs/config until it finds a match for the font it is looking for.


I have installed MS truetype fonts on my 10.2 system using the font installer in KDE. This has placed fonts in ~/.fonts.


Do I need to edit /etc/X11/fs/config to tell XFS to look in ~/.fonts?


Does XFS look in ~/.fonts first before looking in the directories specified in /etc/X11/fs/config?

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I don't think its necessary. In my XF86Config (MDK10., Xorg), I have

FontPath "unix/:-1"

Indeed, older versions of XFree86 did have the list of font dirs, but not anymore (my older box which uses Xfree86 4.3 does not need fontpath either). I installed ttf fonts to /usr/lib/X11/fonts/drakfont/ttf/ and they were picked up straight away.

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Any directory that you install fonts in has to be refered to in /etc/fonts/fonts.conf (if I remember correctly).


After your new fonts are there, and you're sure your file is OK, you run "fc-cache" as root.



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The font installer in KDE has placed my MS truetype fonts in ~/.fonts. The installer did not edit /etc/X11/fs/config and add the .fonts folder.


I have empirical evidence that the MS fonts are being picked up and used instead of the fonts listed in /etc/X11/fs/config: Prior to installing the MS fonts, when surfing the web using Konqueror, I have always had terrible looking fonts. After installing the MS fonts, Konqueror on the web looks very nice.

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