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Updating KDE to 3.4.0 [solved]


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Updating KDE usually tends to cause problems.

Firstly remove all your installed KDE packages,

then install a clean KDE install (from another WM).


I advice to do it in two steps.

1. kdebase

2. everything else

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I too tried again to install the latest kde3.4 rpms and everything seemed ok until I rebooted then I find the same old inability to log in via KDM or mdkkdm. Could only get in via GDM because this time I had made sure that I had installed sufficient of Gnome to be usable and as the means to completely uninstall everything related to kde3.3 before installing kde 3.4. I noticed these newer rpms were also form thac ???.

Nothing in the install of kde3.4 has improved so yet once again I have uninstalled 3.4 and have reverted back to 3.3.

I think 3.4 has some basic incompatability with Mandriva2005-LE and that is why mdkkdm doesn´t work either.

I have also realised that Mandriva2005-LE actually installs kdm-theme as default even if you do not choose to install the package in the first place. Therefore one has to go to edit certain files to disable it. Not nice at all.

I have found the best and easiest and cleanest routine is to install the actual package and then access KDM Theme Manager in KDE Control Centre------->System. In there you can uninstall it and also select to delete it from the hard drive.


Ah well, back to the drawing board. Cheers. John

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This is a follow up to Thacs post on the kdm3.4 login problem. I already had a second Mandriva2005-LE set up for experimenting purposes. so I decided to exactly follow his recommended procedure for deleting kdebase-kdm config-file of kde3.3 and updating with the kde3.4 version.


After successfully completing this phase I then did the rest of the kde3.4 packages and am happy to state that it is all now working well with NO logging in problems using kdm of kde3.4.


Thanks Thac. Cheers. John.

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You didn't have to. Those things could have been reinstalled.


Alas you misread my post,

those steps were for installing, not removing KDE.

Not at all, I removed all goodies before kdebase, but this trashed the logon app (hadn't been completely removed ? ) with a mouse freeze and keyboard not responding. I couldn't even get gnome. So that's why I had to reinstall the system. It's not a major problem since I have /home and my data on separate partitions, and the mdk system install time is around 3 beers and a half. :drum:

Now I will wait (resist) until bugs are corrected.


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