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Can't delete a file?

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I couldn't find an answer to this on these boards last night, but I found an answer to this elsewhere. I thought I would just post it up here to improve the knowledge database for other useless newbies like me.


I was messing around with installing DSL (Damn Small Linux) on a USB thumb drive and created a file in a directory in my /mnt/ directory that I couldn't delete even as root.


I'm a newbie so I tried going into single user mode and other things but couldn't delete the blasted thing chmod wouldn't let me change to write permissions the permissions were as follows:


-r--r--r-- 1 root root


The quick answer is to do this, (replace the filename below with the name of the file you can't delete), remember to be logged in as root:


lsattr filename


If you see an "i" in the attributes listed then that's whats stopping you from deleting the file.


so do this

chattr -i filename


then delete the file per usual.


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