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How to install a .diff patch?

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Hi People.


I have installed xmame from source.


The day after I noticed that the next version of xmame was released (0.96).


I notice that there is a patch to upgrade xmame0.95 ----> 0.96.


I have downloaded the .diff file, how do I install/use it?


Will I have to recompile?




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Yes. It's really not the easiest way to do things, though.


First of all, go read the changes between MAME 0.95 and 0.96 and ask yourself 'do I need any of them?' If the answer is no, carry on using 0.95 and be happy. If the answer is yes, download the complete xmame 0.96 source code and read the included instructions on how to compile it.

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If you really want 0.96, don't bother with the patch file. Just get the whole 0.96 source. You'd need to download the whole 0.95 source to use the patch anyway, so there's really no point. Just get this file: http://x.mame.net/download/xmame-0.96.tar.bz2 and go from there. I'm _really_ not seeing anything earth-shattering in http://x.mame.net/changes-mame.html or http://x.mame.net/changes-unix.html , though. Are you sure you need the pain?

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