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uninstalling applications in Mandriva


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Hey there, guys!


I've recently got Mandriva 10.2 on my computer system and I'm getting to know each and every feature built-in to this great operating system. Not only it's more stable and secure unlike windoze (which I currently have a dual-boot with), but best of all, I can customize the way I want to appear.


There's one question that a Linux n00b should have in mind: "If I've installed a Linux application either by mistake or not been using it for the time being, how do I uninstall it from my system without causing a catastrophe to my Linux system?"


I'm familar with uninstalling apps from my windoze system, but not on a Mandriva system before - in my life. :help:


Would anyone give me a hand on how to uninstall applications from my syster? I'm trying to uninstall RealPlayer 10 and Helix (both Video programs to view RealMedia video) after an somewhat "accidental" install.

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