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Installation problem (newbie) [solved]


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Hi I have a problem installing mandrake 10.1 on my desktop. My computer is a

Athlon 1700+

AsRock K7S8X

Two hardisk one a Maxtor 120BG ATA133 where I have installed winxp

and then a old ATA66 12BG where I want to run mandrake.


My problem is when I try to install mankrake in hangs. After a while I get to the point where I can se a screen that says “welcome to mandrakelinux (10.1)” and I can push <Alt-F3> to se the logs, and <Alt-F4> for kernel msg.


If I go into <Alt-F3> it says


*warning, insmod failed (keybdev (null)) (2)

*AUTOMATIC: parameter cdrom for method means returning CDROM drive

*have to insmod ide-cd

*needs cdrom

*need ide-cd


If I go into <Alt-F4> it says


<6>ide-cd: cmd 0x25 time out

<4>hdc: lost interrupt

<4>hdc: lost interrupt

<4>hdc: lost interrupt

And then this continues….


Home some can help me….


I have heard that hda is my first hardisk and hdb is the second and so on but why does it look for hdc and hdd if I only have 2 hardisks?

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Just a thought, how are the drives configured in the BIOS? Are they set to AUTO each time you turn the system on?


It may be that they are being detected incorrectly, and that MDK thinks they are HDD. You could try forcing them to CD-ROM in the BIOS, and this may help. It's not something I've experienced, but only a thought that might be causing the issue.

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