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how to install programs

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hi i just installed mandrake 10.1 but im totally new with it

i downloaded kde messenger but when i download it i cant install it

in windows you only have to press next but this i don't understand


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Guest gambas

Installing a program in Linux is a little bit different than in Windows.


It depends whether it is a .rpm file or a .tgz archive,

check in the FAQ, everything's explained.


Alternatively, I strongly suggest that you configure your urpmi sources. This is a very simple procedure, that will then enable you to install virtually any program in one click from the Mandrake Control Center or in konsol with the urpmi command + name of the prog you want to install. Check urpmi in the faqs and click on easy urpmi on this page (top) for assistance on how to configure your urpmi sources.


Welcome to Mandrakelinux! :)

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I agree, configuring the URPMI sources is the easiest way ... once its configured you just click on thge file, it goes and downloads it and then installs it :D


Also you will not download incompatible versions etc. using URPMI ...

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and whats about the .bin files when i check it they are executables but when i click it nothing happens ?



which ones?


usually the best way is from a CLI

sh <xxxxx.bin>


OpenOffice/Mozilla etc. have these...what is it you wanna install?

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