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C programming [solved]

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Hi guys,


I'm trying to learn C from K&R and I'm having trouble with Exercise 1-18.


#include <stdio.h>
#define MAXLINE 1000 /* max line length */

int getline(char s[], int maxline);
void remspac(char t[], int len);

/* Remove trailing whitespace from lines & remove blank lines */
 int len; /* line length */
 char line[MAXLINE];

 while ((len = getline(line, MAXLINE)) > 0)
 remspac(line, len);

 return 0;

/* getline: reads a line into s, and returns the length (i) */
int getline(char s[], int lim)
 int i, c;
 for (i = 0; i < lim - 1 && (c=getchar()) != EOF && c!='\n'; ++i)
   s[i] = c;
 if (c == '\n') {
   s[i] = c;
 s[i] = '\0';
 if (s[i-2] == ' ')
   printf("Trailing space\n");

 return i;

void remspac(char t[], int len)
   printf("%s", t);


The problem is that my character array "line" does not seem to be passed to the function remspac correctly - remspac (which will do more later) doesn't print anything!! Anyone any ideas what I'm doing wrong? I know pointers are an important concept in C, but they haven't been covered in the book so far so I don't want to use them.


Thanks in advance,



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