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New To Linux - and wanted to say thank you


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Hey all.


Hope this post finds you well - and more importantly - i hope i posted in the right place!


Just wanted to say THANKYOU to all at MandrakeUsers.org.


Recently installed Mandrake 10.1 official - (3 weeks ago).

I drove myself mad when my nvidia card disappeared from the system, i still get errors on boot - and can't play dvds yet - my font's are kinda setup but occasionally fuzzy - but - you know what - i don't care! :cheeky: i'll fix it eventually


Overall i have enjoyed the experience. It's really been worth it. I can login, play, tweak, and more importantly - FIX my machine without having to do a complete reinstallation. WOOHOO!!


I guess thats the reason i decided to start using linux. To do anything in windows required looking for a program someone else had written - buy it (yeah right) and then hope it did what i wanted... well no more - i have seen the light!


Anyhow - the reason i'm posting is to say :thanks: , without the knowledge that i have gained from reading through this site, i would have given up.... I still have a long way to go - loads of questions to ask - but they are for another post...


Thanks Again...

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