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Guest lazyjack

Installing 10.1 hangs

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Guest lazyjack

About 15 seconds after initiating the install the procedure seemed to

hang. This surprised me greatly as I have installed a number of

different versions of linux on this system previously with no such

problem, including Mandrake 9.1. It was so early in the procedure that I

began to think there may be a problem with the first CD.


The system involved is an HP Pavillion 6511.


At the point the installation stops the screen is blank apart from the

bottom line that reads:


proceeding, please wait.


Pressing ALT-F3 gives a screen full of log messages, the last line of which reads:

* calling mount( none, /proc/bus/usb, usbdevfs, -1058209792, )


Pressing ALT-F4 gives a screen full of kernel messages, the last line of which reads:

<6>Freeing unused kernel memory: 132k freed


Pressing ALT-F2 gives an active shell. 'ps' shows the running processes

including perl executing /usr/bin/runinstall2. CPU percentages indicate

no looping processes. 'df' shows the following filesystems mounted:

/tmp/image, /tmp/stage2, /.


I have no idea what the install is stalled on and I stress that this has

not happened with earlier versions of Mandrake, or various RedHat

versions either. Is it possible there is a problem with the CD

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i'm thinking it could be hanging on mounting the file systems (unlikely, but it can happen), or hanging on the detection of usb devices. i saw this happen with conectiva.


i would disconnect all usb devices and rerun the install. see what happens. also check the md5sum of the cd.

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