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Firefox default browser with Thunderbird Problem


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First off, yes I have looked up previous topics on this issue. However, none have worked for me thus far.


Here is the situation. If I get an email with a url in it, it will open in Konqurer.


I've set the file association for .html, etc. to firefox. In fact, firefox is the only app listed for these. Yet konqurer still opens. I've even tried the %u in the command line as well. I can't find anything in Thunderbird for a default browser setting.


I'm using Mandrake 10.1 OE, Firefox 1.0, and Thunderbird 1.0.

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I had the same problem, what you want to do is from the CLI type the following:




Then you can select what browser/email prog you want to use for default. Once I'd done this my links in TBird opened in Firefox.


You will need to point to the firefox entry to wherever you installed it: Eg for me:




you will have to add %s to the end of the line so that shortcuts will open. You can also do the same for the email prog, so that when you click mailto links it'll work.



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