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Cool Free FPS Game


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Hey all, I just bought quake 2 and doom 3 and got them to work on MDK. Problem is quake is too old for me now and doom 3 is ok 1 player but sucks multiplayer (IMHO)


Then I saw in a Linux magazine a free open source game called Cube. Well I gave it a try and MAN is it good.


It has a single player mode and a multiplayer mode that is just WICKED, much faster then quake 2 and much better looking.


Anyways it is the easiest thing in the world to install (and even has its own gamespy like server finder) I was totally suprised to see such an awesome game done open source.


Anyways give it a try


You can download it at http://cube.sourceforge.net/



PS it works on windblows too!


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I agree it's fun but I wouldn't call it good looking.

Unreal Tournament 2004 is good looking (but not free)


If you're into FPS you might want to check out Legends, sortof a Tribes lookalike, but not much a community.

Hey cube isnt that bad looking

Guns and characters need work but everythin else looks great :D


Besides, appearances shouldnt dictate whether its a good game or not, the gameplay should. I got everyone to play cube at a friends lan, it was awesome fun - even those who normally played UT liked it. It was good for a lan because of its small size 22mb, definitely not a 5 CD install !!

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What makes Cube so small is the innovative engine. If you think about it, Cube saves megabytes by using "Cubes" instead of having a billion polygons making up the map.

Yes, Cube's multiplayer has sparked in recent months. I usually find myself going to an empty server and end up with many people playing instagib with me hahah.

One of the coolest modes, a new concept I think, is DMSP... My record is something like 30 frags in 45 seconds.

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I'm going to re-emerge this game again tonight and see what's been happening. The first time I used cube their was no multiplayer mode and they were still working on AI for enemies - this project really has come a long way!

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