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urmpi can't access CDs?


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When I wanted to install new softwares that come with mdk 10.1 CE, I search for it in Install Software.

then normally it will eject the tray and tell me to put in CD1, 2 or 3.

But last time, I was burnning a CD with k3b and hit the install button at the same time.

My burning CD failed. also Install Software or urpmi in the console cannot access the CD anymore

when I try to urpmi SOMETHING it give:


Please insert the medium named "Installation CD 1 (x86) " on device [/dev/hdc]

Press Enter when ready... umount: /mnt/cdrom: device is busy

umount: /mnt/cdrom: device is busy

eject: unmount of `/dev/hdc' failed


How can I fix that?


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the simplest thing to try is rebooting (i know, i know......). something could have locked the data base or borked urpmi (temporarily).


if that don't work, in a terminal as root type.......


lsof /dev/hdX


where X is the letter of the cdrom device. (IE: hda, hdb, hdc, etc.....)


post the output here.



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you need to install lsof. it's on the MDK CD's. if you can install via MCC, go to the software installer & type lsof in the search box, install it, then run the command again..........


lsof /dev/hdc


lsof is a small app that stands for LiSt Open Files. it will tell what (if any) app might be locking your cdrom drive.


but, if you're still having a problem with the drive not working, installing something from a CD is sorta outta the question, i guess.


did you try rebooting? if so, & that didn't work, then run the following command in terminal as root.........


ps -aux


that will show all running processes for all users. look for any instances of urpmi, rpm, curl, & k3b, & kill them. use the associated PID number in the list to kill, like.......


kill <PID # here>


or you could do.........


killall urpmi


then, killall curl, killall rpm, etc.


if all of that fails, your urpmi database could be corrupted. in that case, run the following in terminal as root to updae them..........


updatedb -i



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