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Annoying KDE problem in 10.0 oe [SOLVED]


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This is a realy annoying though non-serious problem. I have found that many types of media file associations in kde simply sill not stick after a reboot.



I want all digital video files to be played through Mplayer GUI. (gmplayer) and I don't want xine to do ANYTHING except play DVD's. doesn't matter why, it's just the way i like it. However, no mater what i seem to do, if i reboot, and then try to open a media file by double clicking, they ALL open in Xine. It's realy annoying.


Also, I can't get kde to remember that I want he commercial version of Acrobat reader to be the default reader for pdf's. I tried uninstalling ALL of the other pdf readers and all other softwarecapable of reading a pdf, but now it simply asks what to do with the file.


If anyone can shed some light on this, I'd realy appreciate it. Also, if anyone can absolutely confirm that this is a mandrake 10.0 problem that is fixed in 10.1 I'll upgrade. I had planned to stick steadfast to 10.0 untill I could buy a powerpack of 10.2 Official, but if installing 10.1 from cheapbytes will solve it for certain, i'll switch.


Thanks guys.

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what are you doing to associate file types? i'm running mdk 10.0 OE & have never had that problem. the drill is (in case this isn't what you've tried)............


open Kontrol Center (IE: configure your desktop)->components->file associations. type the file name extension you're trying to associate in the search box. look in the general tab for "application preference order". choose from the list given which app you want & move it to the top. if it's not in the list, click "add", navigate to the binary for the app, add it & move it to the top. under the "embedding" tab, select the "use setting for (name) group" option. click "apply". it should stick.


same drill for .pdf files. if you're talking about a browser plugin, then you have to apply the proper Adobe Reader plugin to your particular browser see This Thread for Opera or Mozilla/Firefox.


if it's a Konqueror plugin, do this..........


CLOSE KONQUEROR WEB BROWSER (<-that's important!)


open KDE's "configure your desktop" module.


go to "WebBrowsing"->"plugins". in the "scan folders" box, make sure one of the above described plugin directories is present.


(Mozillla should be there by default, at least. if none are (which is unlikely) click the "add" button & browse to /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins to add it, then click "apply".)


higlight the Mozilla plugins entry, then click the "scan for new plugins" button. click "apply" when the scan is done. close Configure Your Desktop, then start Konqueror Web Browser & test as above.



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Sorry I never got back here.


More info: I know how to correctly associate file extensions with programs. I have done it through the KDE control center AND by using the 'right click'/'open with' dialog and checking the "remember application association for this type of file box."


In both case, it works great, and double clicking a file on my desktop or in konqueror will open up the desired application.


The trouble comes after I reboot. When I reboot, virtualy all media file associations revert to Xine, and a few to mplayer (notice I wrote 'mplayer, NOT gmplayer)


PDF's revert to nothing, since kghostview has been removed from my system.


All of my other file associations are as default.

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do you have "restore previous session" checked in Kontrol Center->components->session manager? if so, try changing it to "start with empty session", then apply that, then make the file association changes, reboot & see if it sticks.


that's the only other thing i can think of right now.



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Thanks Chriss. That seems to have solved the problem. Doesn't seem like that should cause trouble, but it's fixed now I guess....


I've had to make so scripts to put in my kde autostart folder to run things that were previously only ran each boot beacuse I always left them reunning, but that's not a big deal, and making those scripts once is far less inconvenient than having to manualy choose which program to open stuff with or do every stinkin thing through the console.

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