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Drive Duplication Question? [SOLVED]


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Good day,


I have been trying to migrate my system to a new drive. The question that I have is after the information is transfered to the new drive and the old drives are removed. How do you mount the partions? ie How do you tell the system which partion is /root and /home ect...


The drive geometry is almost identical and there is more than enough room on the new drive.


The drive being copied has 3 partitions root, swap and home.


Command to dup drives was:


dd if=/dev/hda of=/dev/sda


Information was copied fine but when I tried to do an upgrade with Mandrake 10.1 CE (Not really an upgrade but I thought this might allow me to label my partitions) It simply says no root partition found. Then it hangs.


Any idea's?

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Sure, you need to check your /etc/fstab file and insure the partition entries are correct (as compared to your new setup). You also need to check your /etc/lilo.conf file and make sure that the entries in there are correct as compared to your new partition setup. Then you need to execute the lilo command and install it to the mbr using any changes you made.

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Here's what you do.. boot off of Mandrake CD1, hit F1 and type rescue. When the menu appears, you can select the option for going to the console. Do not attempt to install LILO again since you haven't checked the configuration. Once you get to the command line, you can type


chroot /mnt


The reason for this is since you are booting off of a CD, the root is the CD. So your root partition is actually in /mnt where /mnt exists on the CD. By typing chroot /mnt, you are pushing the root down one level and making the CD invisibile. Now you are operating at the level you would be if you booted off your hard drive.


Now you can use vi or some other editor to modify your /etc/lilo.conf for example. If you didn't use chroot, you would have to type


vi /mnt/etc/lilo.conf


but now you can type


vi /etc/lilo.conf


Saves a lot of confusion. If you don't get it, try sketching the paths on a piece of paper.


There is a program cfdisk that will allow you to view your partitions. Then you can modify your /etc/fstab and /etc/lilo.conf files to match.


Additionally, you can boot off of CD1 and proceed with a reinstall. When you get to the step for partitioning, you can select custom partitioning. At this point, you can view your partitions graphically. Might make it easier. Afterwards, you sijmply turn your computer off without proceeding with the install. Just don't save anything.. ;)

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