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As a hobbyist in computer programming, geek or what ever, I'm interested in seeing what KBasic brings to Linux as far as a high level language is concerned.


Began Ramble

I cut my teeth writing in Microware Basic09 for OS9, then in M$, GWBasic and QBasic. QBasic is where I learned a little machine language to make system calls to add a little power to basic applications. Visual Basic Text Window system made it possible to compile basic text files to executable stand alone applications and introduce module programming in M$ OS. VB6 for Windows has become so powerful where applications written in C and C++ now can be done in Visual Basic for Windows professional edition. Maybe the reason why I didn’t pursue C and C++ in earnest, but still working and learning C and C++, mostly C++.

End Ramble


I think KBasic will be good for Linux.




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