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Guest codoblao

workgroup didn't find

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Guest codoblao

i just set up samba using MCC samba wizzard, but when i tried to explore samba share using smb:/ on konqueror i got this message ' unable to find any workgroups on you local network' :wall:


Plz hlp me, it's been 3 days i tried to set up my network and samba n still stuck...sorry this is my first time using Linux


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First, bite the bullet, and do it command line style. First, you need to know if you need to restart your smbd/nmbd daemon style or not. Do a

ps auxw | grep mbd

If you see something like "smbd -D" and "nmbd -D" then they are running daemon style. Honestly that is the only way I know to run them.


After editing your /etc/samba/smb.conf file by hand, you can give your samba daemons a HUP like this:

killall -HUP smbd

and also with nmbd after changing something more related to names/domain/workgroup, than actual shares. This will cause your changes to take effect, I.E. the programs will re-read the config file. Typically the default config file shipped in the RPM is good enough to get started.


If smbd/nmbd aren't even running yet, then start them as root.

nmbd &
smbd &

You don't have to give the -D because that is the default.

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