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Installation Challenge

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The problem:

I want to install linux on a very old laptop

No CD driver, network, or Floppy disk.

All those devices can be connected through pcmcia cards but cannot boot from them.

How can I install linux?


Some usefull link or idea to start with?


I thought


1- Extract the hard disk and put the files on it

2- Fix again the hd on the laptop

3- Here the question: how to make th hd bootable and run the installation scripts?

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Pull the hard drive.

Install it into something that will let you do a cd install. (thats just the easiest way) The other install methods will also work as long as the new machine will let you.


After Mandrake is fully installed to the hard drive on the new machine and connects to the net. Download all the drivers you can find for the hard ware on the old machine.


Reinstall the hard drive back to the old machine and hope for the best. It should detect the new hardware and do something we might be able to help you with.

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