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usb-storage and supermount on Debian

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Ok i'm a old time mandrake user, and i started to help a friend build a customized linux distribution based on debian unstable (munjoy linux) the kernel is built with supermount-ng wich i know that mandrake uses. Ok mdk uses supermount which is very simmilar in a lot of points with supermount-ng.


My questions is that i'm trying to automount usb-storage automatically on insert of a usb key or drive. so right now i have ended in /etc/hotplug/usb.agent and /etc/hotplug/usb/usb-storage

for running scripts on usb events and usb-storage detection , in thoses scripts i can put a lot of things i want in there like passive kde message to the user. But there is something i can't figure is how to know and how to automount the devices like Mandrake does. Personnaly i think Mandrake is the distribution who is doing the best job so far in automounting the devices. So i want to know how to automate the the mounting of such devices and how to make them usable by the user like mount it for the current user none for the root?.


I ended here because i wanted to know how mandrake did this part and because i wanted to learn this stuff.


Thanks for your help.



Francis Belanger

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Wow, all these danger. You'll have to just delete that NTFS partition completely. No really, there's no other option...




Diskdrake should work fine, just make sure that you have your data backed up - resizing NTFS partitions is a tricky business and could easily lead to data loss.

Go here, maybe it helps you.

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