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Mandrake 10 OE Video Drivers for Savage card.


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i just moved my laptop from mandrake 9.2 to official edition.


i have a weird but when X is booted i have a black screen with some colors at the extremity of each window , but everything else is black and i cannot use X.


i went to my /etc/X11/XF86Cofig-4 and finally found that if


Option "no_accel" in my device section is enabled , X boot with all the graphics ok but it's basically unusable because everytime i want to move a window it's awfully slow and

and full of glitch.


i have read in an old redhat forum that this problem is caused by a wrongly compiled driver. i i recompile the driver everything should be fine . but i don't know where to start :(.


i'm sure the driver was compiled in Xfree 4.3 and mdk moved back to the RC without recompiling the driver.


my laptop is an IBM t23 , with 256 ram, and a Savage4 card.


any help with be appreciated



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I'm using a not-too-dissimilar machine (IBM T20, Savage card), and Mandrake 10 (Cooker) works fine. I'm not sure what your problem is, but if you want me to post any of my configuration stuff, just let me know.


Incidentally, here's my "device" section of /etc/X11/XF86Cofig-4 :


Section "Device"

Identifier "device1"

VendorName "S3 Inc."

BoardName "S3 Savage (generic, sw_cursor)"

Driver "savage"

VideoRam 8192

Option "DPMS"



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