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Has anyone here had any experience with dvd::rip on Mandrake9?

I got it to rip a DVD and encode it to .avi

but for some reason it won't seem to encode to SVCD.

I got dvd::rip from urpmi at plf, so I got the win32 codecs and all the stuff...

my goal is to have "back-ups" of my DVDs, in a format that will play on both Linux and winblows machines, and the .avi I burned won't play on winblows media player (unsupported format... even though media player is set to support .avi files) Wierd, huh.

But it will play just great on Mandrake with mplayer.

Any ideas are always appreciated. Thanks.

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I DVD to Avi with DVD::Rip also and never had any problem to read my Avi in Windows. You have to install the codecs from www.divx.com and the nimo packs ( http://www.btinternet.com/~nimosiro/ ). And forget about WMP.. it's not supposed to read Avi files made with Linux. You should use AviPlayer (from divx.com) or search google for a better one.


Hope this help .. a bit.



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Thanks, that helps a lot.

I got the latest version of divx5.2-pro for windows, thinking it would provide a way to rip and encode a DVD, but I guess that ain't the way it works.

So I got a couple of the encoders (one of which is virtualdub) that the divx page linked to.

I still can't figure it out, how to rip and encode DVD (in windows) to divx5.

The way I see it, the only thing you can do with that divx program is watch divx encoded movies???

I will have to mess with it some more I guess.

Thanks again.

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also check out doom9.org.. vdub does MUCH more than just play the movies. You may want to tell everybody not to worry about you dropping off the planet for a week or so if you really want to get into all that encoding stuff for doze. it is crazy, and if you wait too long while learning it in between steps, they will go and change the tutorials on you. I finally had to give up!! :)


oh yeah, check out vstrip and be a part of my motto

aaaah yeah, command line dvd ripping. have to love that. plus it is held in high regard by those guys running that web page.

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http://www.doom9.org/ is an excellent resource. If you're interested in converting DVD to DivX, then take a look at his Gordian Knot download. It contains all needed programs and a front end to help automate the process. The only down side is that it is set up to run in Windows (AFAIK)




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