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'Default' open-source licensing plans under fire

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ZDNet reports on a British government proposal to release publicly funded software under open-source licences.


Will it survive lobbying by the Initiative for Software Choice...? :unsure:



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I think this is fantastic and am going to hunt down somewhere I can go tell the e-envoy office what I think.


It will probably be somewhere on www.govtalk.gov.uk

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I was right about the URL - the document is available on the front page.


I sent the following email to govtalk@e-envoy.gsi.gov.uk:


As a UK voter and a technology consultant who is often involved in helping Local Government departments with their E-GIF strategies, I would like to register my whole hearted approval for this policy.  I would encourage the office of the e-envoy to resist pressure to change this by companies who provide closed source, proprietary software.


Ultimately, OSS presents an opportunity to build secure systems based on open standards - which is what E-GIF is all about.


Companies who provide proprietary alternatives and who lobby against this policy are concerned only with their profits and not what is best for the UK and UK citizens.




Paul Hunnisett


Probably something other UK voters may wish to consider doing...

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