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I'm loving Mandriva

Guest Vinay

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Hello all, this is my first post here.


I started using linux about 3 years ago, and have used it for all my work since then. I began, like many do, with Ubuntu, which is a good distro. I got into the distro-hopping habit, and tried various distros (including smaller ones like Chakra) before settling on OpenSuse, Mint, and Ubuntu on my machines. I had briefly tried Mandriva from a Live CD -- loved the look and feel, but there were some issues I didn't have time to work through then. But I always kept it in mind, since it is such a pretty distro, with the Rosa take on KDE adding something very unique.


A few weeks back, I decided to try Mandriva full time for a few weeks at least. I got the 2012 (Bennie Lomax) tech review. There are definitely a few rough edges which I had to work through, but once I did, the end result is really the best Linux experience I have had thus far. I'm really loving Mandriva. Unlike several other distros I have used, it is not a "KDE by another name" distro. It has its own distinctive way of doing things, and isn't that what Linux is all about?


I thought I would drop by here and say how appreciative I am of this fine distro, and that I wish Mandriva a very healthy future. I, for one, will surely use it for a long time to come.


Cheers everyone. :)

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