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Mailx, nail, Command line client

Guest TSM

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Hi guys ...


Googled high and low on info, and found bits and pieces on how to get mailx or nail functioning as a command line email client.


I have recently installed Mandriva One, and find the email client Thunderbird cumbersome at best.


In checking on command line clients I found and installed Mutt /w Gmail, and can receive mail but not send ... error after trying to send: No Authenticators Available.


After checking software additions, which are limited in this distro, unless downloaded and compiled, I found the man page for nail / Mailx and etc/nail.rc but nothing in etc for mailx ...after reading nail.rc it states:


# This is the configuration file for Heirloom mailx (formerly

# known under the name "nail".

# See mailx(1) for further options.

# This file is not overwritten when 'make install' is run in

# the mailx build process again.


I assume mailx(1) is the MAN page.


What I seek to do is get a simple, fast, and efficient command based mail send and receive client up and working (mutt is okay ...)

Mutt worked fine on an older Ubuntu install but has the above mentioned issue in Mandriva.


After reading it seems that nail or mailx is faster and less cumbersome ... any help, suggestions or anyone willing to help me put this together or fix the mutt issue is appreciated.



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I install nullmailer, and user localhost as smtp (that way I can also use it to send system emails like logwatch, back up notifications etc)


then configure nullmailer to use whatever smtp service


cat /etc/nullmailer/remotes

mail.domain.nz smtp --user=smtp@domain.nz --pass=mysecretpassword

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