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Kmail using KAddressBook

Guest campalm

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Guest campalm

Hi All,


Mandriva Linux release 2010.2, Kernel

Kmail 1.13.5

KDE 4.4.5

KAddressBook 4.4.9


Normally, in a received email when I right click on the sender's address and select "Add to Address Book", a popup box asks me to select an address book from a list.


If I leave Kmail open for a few days (currently open for 2.5 days), the list is empty, and I can't add emails to my address book in this way.


I can manually add contacts via "Tools -> Address Book-> Add Contact".


Restarting Kmail fixes the issue, but after a couple more days, again I can no longer add to the address book via right click.


Auto complete of addresses is always working when creating an email.


Any help would be appreciated.




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I've not seen this, but I think the Akonadi service starts when needed. It may be shutting down and therefore you have no access to your address book.


Run Tools>Akonaditray and see if it is running. If not select start and then try and access the address book.


If nothing else this will be a good place to start trouble shooting.

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