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Own Restore CD/DVD on Mandriva 2011

Guest Fernando Serra

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Guest Fernando Serra

Hi there,

I'm really new in Linux, totally stupid about it, but I'm loving this SO, so much stable and fast... Learning a lot here.

I'm using Mandriva 2011 updated and with all my apps installed, but in dual-boot with MS-W7.

I'm looking for a way to make my own recover cd/dvd, 'cause I'm almost quitting the boring Windows, and I want to reinstall my system in a full format... But I don't want to reinstall everything again, one by one.. all apps and update the system... once my internet is so weak and slow...

Sure my personal files are going to be backed-up in another place... But I need to backup my system, format my computer and reinstall completely, keeping it the same it was before I format..

Is that possible in Mandriva 2011 making a bootable disk as cd or dvd??

If yes, how do I do it?

I was looking for it in the Foruns, but what I saw was from 2004 and I guess it doesn't work on Mandriva 2011.

Remember that I'm a starter in Linux.


Sorry if I was too long.. my English is not so good.. I hope you understand!

Thank you so much!

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