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Issue installing PSPP statistics program


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Hello everybody.



For academic reasons I have to get a statistics program callded SPSS. It's propietary software and I don't want to get a trial version. So I found PSPP a GNU alternative that doies exactly what I need. I got the mandriva RPM from the Internet and everything went well, the problem is that I get an error when trying to run its GUI:


** (psppire:12499): CRITICAL **: Gtk+ version too old (micro mismatch)

psppire: symbol lookup error: psppire: undefined symbol: g_malloc0_n



How come my GTK+ version is too old? It's Mandriva 2010.0! Any Ideas? Has anyone managed to install a fully working PSPP (via RPM or compiling, don't care)?I also accept other alternative programs you can recommend me.



Thank you

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I don't seem to be able to find a Mandriva rpm for pspp. Are you sure that the one you found is for Mandriva? And if it's for Mandriva, are you sure it's for 2010? I expect one of two things. Either it's built against a newer version of GTK+ or that it is an RPM for another distro and not Mandriva that has a newer version of GTK+.


You could always download the source from the PSPP website and compile it yourself it sounds like this is the only option you have since the RPM you downloaded is not compatible for Mandriva 2010.

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