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Mandriva 2011 RC1 released

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I have already installed it and played around with and I have to say right here and now that I am not in any way impressed.


One still cannot uninstall any package via MCC, although you can via the cli. This problem existed in the earlier 3 betas and is still not fixed.

The Main Panel now appears at the top instead of the bottom and I have not found a way to move it to the bottom.

The Login screen is anemic and pathetic looking, symptomatic of the malaise that seems to exist in Mandriva at this time.


I think the fact that the usual 2 betas became 3 and now the news that the usual 1 rc will become 2 is a sign that this new Mandriva team is unable to get it together.


There are many other niggles but I can't be bothered reciting them all.

It truly makes me very sad indeed.

RC 1 is being deleted now. Final full release will have to be amazingly improved or it will no longer even be considered for my machine for the next 2 or3 years.


Cheers. John.

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