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Weird Widget Issue - Konsole and KDE4


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Here, look at this... when I put the Konsole widget on my taskbar, when I click it it first makes a box with the word "Shell" in it, and I have to double click that to actually start the widget.


What is the deal?


Sort of solved it- just dragged konsole from the startmenu and I don't have that issue. Guess this is solved :)

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Guest webguy

I have noticed this myself but never looked into it. I assume it is a feature that I don't understand. :rolleyes:


It's a plasma applet called konsole profiles, which enables you to do things like save a konsole session in a favourite working directory and reopen it again later in the same directory, without having to navigate all the way there. :) There's a similar thing for Konqueror, which enables you to start it up in different views/have different default locations for more than one tab.


An older version in KDE3 was configured in Mandriva to also open a console as root user, and had a nice yellow background to remind you not to do anything stupid while you were in it. I assume you could still do the same thing by opening konsole with a specially configured rc file and save the session, but I've not managed to find out exactly how.

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