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Problem with dual boot installation [solved by me]


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First, I don't know if I have posted in the right section, so please correct me if I'm wrong.

Second, this problem is both Windows and Linux relates, so I'm not sure if it is OK to ask for help here.




Because of my job I HAVE to use Windows 7. The problem is that it broke down on its own and now I have to reinstall it. That would be simple, but the problem is that I need that damned 100mb partition and it won't create it if there are other partitions in the HD.


So here comes the trouble, I need to reinstall Win7 and that annoying partition, but I have to delete Mandriva as well.


I have an idea: I could make an image of the Mandriva partition and then delete everything, next, I would install Win7 (it'd create the 100mb partition) and then recreate the entire partition layout I had before. Finally, I would try to replant the Mandriva partition (from the image) into the same partition so that it would not notice that it was moved around. Do you think this would work or is there a better way to do it? My fear is losing my Mandriva installation (not just the files) or restoring Win7 without being able to access Mandriva ever again.


Help please...



Edit: nevermimd, if anyone is ever in the same situation as I go here:






It can be done from Windows without deleting Mandriva or touching it at all. The only problem will be that Windows tends to kill GRUB when you reinstall, but you can restore it using the installlation disc.

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